Musical Clusters

We work with schools and stakeholders in 14 Music Clusters across Wiltshire.

Clusters are mini Hubs – bringing together musical communities at a more localised level – schools, tutors, venues, organisations / societies – a range of people and settings in which musical learning can take place. Clusters will enable us to target our support more effectively.

The aim is to improve children’s progress and engagement through:

  • Educators’ increased skills, knowledge and confidence at providing musical learning in their setting.
  • Access to a wider range of opportunities, experiences and resources.

We contract part time Cluster Coordinator roles to help pull people and ideas together as well auditing what’s happening in schools and advising teachers. Their details are on the cluster pages.

Why you or your organisation / school should engage with and help shape your Musical Cluster(s):

  • Develop collective projects or professional development sessions that address local priorities
  • Hear about other providers’ projects, offers and opportunities.
  • Build a better picture of what’s really going on in your area so you can see how you fit in.

No matter what the size or capacity of your school or organisation there should be things to pick up on and benefit from. Support and learn from your musical community – share resources / tips / experiences – whether you’re an experienced and confident music teacher / coordinator or one who isn’t – you are not alone!

Find our which Cluster your school is in below.

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