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We’re are keen to encourage our Associates, stakeholders and users to submit information about their work for inclusion on our website and / or bulletins.

Our website site aims to provide our growing community of music professionals, parents and families with news, details of local and national projects, events listings and training opportunities.

Please send your copy directly to:

  • We will publish two bulletins a month in term time. These will usually come out around the first and third Friday of the month.
  • We will occasionally publish a ‘special’ bulletin if there’s a key topical issue we feel we should draw your attention to.
  • If you are a school and would like to advertise your music peri or First Access job or opportunity in our bulletins please complete this short form here
  • We need to receive the information by the Wednesday before the publication date and in agreed formats – please see below:


  • A succinct one-line header
  • Up to 100 words of information
  • Web links to further details – please note we cannot add attachments
  • Please avoid heavily formatted text or embedded hyperlinks
  • You can send us pictures in JPEG format which we may or may not include but if you do send us pictures we will assume that you have permission for them and their subjects to be featured. If that’s not the case, we cannot be held responsible.
  • We cannot insert picture or PDF versions of flyers nor can we re-type content from your flyers, sorry.


  • Please click on the green ‘Post Your Event’ button
  • The listings include events that are potentially of interest to or involving children and young people in music.
  • We are particularly keen to draw attention to any ticket offers you may have in place for children, young people and families.
  • If you are unsure whether your event is suitable, do not hesitate to ask and we will be happy to advise.

If we do not receive your news or listings in the correct format, and by the appropriate deadlines then we may not be able to include it.

Please send to: