Your OWN Music

OWN Music – now open for 3rd round 

Are you making, writing or creating your own music?

Aged 18 or under?

Do you live in WiItshire?

Making beats, bands, songs, soundtracks, DJ-ing, producing, mixing or composition?

We’d like to hear it and we’d like to know how we can help you with your music

We’re inviting you to send us one example of your music as a recording of some sort, video (or a TikTok), score or graphic representation. Send us an example which you feel best reflects your creative style.

It needs to be something that you have written yourself (or with others) rather than your version of someone else’s music. Don’t worry about the quality, as long as we can see, read or hear what’s going on or what you’re trying to communicate.

We’re interested in all types of music. We’re also interested in music, lyrics songs that are about young peoples lives:

  • Being young in Wiltshire
  • Feeling or being different
  • Relationships or friendships
  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • Ideas for new seasonal music & songs, particularly Winter 2023

We’d also like you to tell us what would help you with your music by completing a short questionnaire

Everyone who sends something in will get helpful feedback from experts in the music business

Here’s what happened after previous rounds…

We had a good variety of age, styles and experience, some sings and some instrumental tracks. Every submission was reviewed by a panel. The panel included Singer/Songwriter Louise Jordan, Tutor and Sound Engineer Dan Coggins, Chris Turner from Wiltshire Young Musicians, Singer/Songwriter and Music Journalist Neville Farmer, Nick Bolton Personal Development Adviser (Wiltshire Council) and Leader of Wiltshire Music Connect Nick Howdle.

Panel members were really impressed with the quality of submissions. Every young person who submitted a piece of music has now received individual feedback and suggestions for ways they can develop their skills. They have also been invited to a song/music writing day, where they can share their ideas with peers, receive feedback from professionals and start working on some collaborations.

Work from this round is also going to be used as part of a PSHE education resource, which will be made available to Wiltshire Schools and, in the future, we are hoping to create a Wiltshire playlist, so that everyone can enjoy your local talent.

Here’s what to do now

– our systems for submitting material are safe and secure.

  1. Fill out the online submission form and questionnaire here if you are aged under 18 you’ll need an adult to submit if for you (it could be a parent/carer, a school teacher or music tutor, or someone else like a youth worker or social worker).
  2. Follow our guide here and submit your example using our secure system – remember, send us one example which you feel best reflects your creative style and it needs to be something that you have written yourself (or with others). 

We will let you know when we have received your music by sending an email to the person submitting it, usually within a week.

Other than with our panellists, we will not share or publish your work without seeking further permission from you.

If you get stuck and really need help, please contact us through .

Our next deadline for submissions is 12 noon on Mon 6th November 2023 and our panel of experts will gather within 4 weeks of that date and give helpful feedback .

Our panel  includes experience in areas of the music industry / production /  playing and teaching etc.

Parents / Carers / Schools and other agencies – please see our related page with information about Wiltshire Music Connect and the background to this scheme.

Further deadlines are planned for 2024.

And did you know?

  • That you can get tuition (and subsidy if you need it) in creative music making, composition, songwriting at school from one of our Associate tutors?
  • That we have an instrument hire scheme
  • And we have a small number of songwriter / composer  kits with an iPad, mic and interface that you can hire.
  • We have Careers Info here and Copyright info here
  • Take The Stage presented by Riverbank Studios
    is a battle of the bands style competition for young musicians. The competition is open to any local musicians aged 21 or under with solo artists also encouraged to apply. Click here for more info and to apply.
  • On behalf of Salisbury Area Young Musicians, Dan Coggins is running sessions in Salisbury on Creative Music Making with Tech – details here

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