Music Connect CIC

A Community Interest Company: Music Connect CIC, was set up to support and complement the efforts of the Wiltshire Music Connect music education hub.

The idea of a CIC was first suggested to and approved by our Stakeholder Board and has been discussed with Arts Council England (the major funder of Wiltshire Music Connect).

A CIC is a company regulated under normal company rules but with the distinctions that any profits are intended to be used for the good of the community and the assets of the company are locked in such a way they can only be used for the company’s stated purpose and cannot be removed or sold.

Some of the benefits of using a CIC to support our work come from the simple fact it allows us a greater level of freedom to fund activities across current annual year boundaries: with a CIC we can raise funding for individual projects and allocate that funding for as long as required.  This means we can generally think more “long term” about the future needs or children, young people and schools in Wiltshire.

We can kick-start initiatives ourselves where otherwise we would need to wait for a new budget cycle to schedule them. Other benefits accrue from the CIC’s notional independence from the Wiltshire Music Hub: we can fund-raise for specific projects directly into the CIC and we can utilise CIC funds to seed further fundraising.    The CIC could also provide emergency funding for projects in need (but only once some cash reserves have accrued).

The CIC undertakes actions and activities that fall within the business plan, budget and activity plan for Wiltshire Music Connect and which are approved by the wider Stakeholder Board. Its Directors – Tony Spath, Nigel Evans and Nick Howdle – are all members of that Stakeholder Board.

All in all, we believe that this is a positive and complementary step to support the work of Wiltshire Music Connect and will strengthen the foundations of music in Wiltshire for the foreseeable future.