Music Connect CIC

Music Connect CIC supports the work of Wiltshire Music Connect, which has a strategic remit to oversee Children & Young People’s Music Education in the unitary authority of Wiltshire in Southwest England and also leads the music education hub for Wiltshire.

Together, we have a vision and belief that music can transform the lives of children in Wiltshire.

Music is excellent for developing young minds, it fosters creativity, analytical thinking, and collaboration. Music can be a form of self-expression, can help build self-esteem and be a positive influence on well-being.

Unfortunately, many children in Wiltshire are limited in their access to music education through no fault of their own. If you happen to be in the wrong geographical area, live in an area of high social deprivation or rural isolation. We are not content for this to continue.

Because every school child should have the opportunity to transform their life through music.

Music Connect CIC works to make that vision truly universal, by creating new opportunities and enabling access to music for a wider range of young people in Wiltshire.

  • We overcome barriers the children face in learning an instrument or accessing music, including our tuition subsidy programme and digital project.
  • We fund and support aspirational belief and broaden horizons by providing new ways to experience music.
  • We are collaborative and innovative, working with partners and stakeholders to extend the reach of music education across genres and geographic locations, activity that drives innovation, depth, and diversity.
  • We work to develop a sustainable community and network of music professionals, schools, and stakeholders sharing and enabling best practice to flourish. Supporting transformational ways of working through people, projects, and technology

Together, we can make a real difference where it matters most.

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