Together – Song for Wiltshire

Together is a song specially commissioned for Wiltshire schools and it comes with a toolkit of teaching resources to choose from. The resources are designed to be flexible, so that they can be used by specialist and non-specialist music teachers alike. The song is written in C major, so it’s perfect for glockenspiels, recorders and ukuleles. With these resources you can:

  • Learn to sing the song, with singing tips videos
  • Create your own lyrics to add to the song
  • Play along with recorders
  • Play along with ukuleles
  • Watch a video diary of how the composers wrote the song
  • Learn how to sign the song in Makaton
  • Explore wider KS1 and KS2 curriculum links

This song and the teaching resources were commissioned in 2020 in response to the challenges and experiences of the Covid-19 restrictions, and to support school recovery plans. It has been carefully written and is suitable for “gentle” singing as needed.

The composers are Wiltshire Music Connect Associates Tim Gilvin and Louise Jordan

Listen to the song here

Use the menu on the right to select sets of resources to help learn and teach the song, improvise to the “create your own” section, support lyric writing, and to find accessible resources.

Watch Tim and Louise’s video diary to find out how they wrote the song:

Contact us to let us know how you get on – and share your recordings and lyrics!