Winter Song Resources

We have commissioned three new resources from our Associates to support winter singing and song-writing in schools:

Ready for Christmas – by Luke Gittins

Wiltshire based guitar teacher and song-writer Luke Gittins has written a new song for Christmas. ‘Ready for Christmas’ is catchy and uplifting and we hope that thousands of Wiltshire school children will enjoy singing it this winter. The song is accompanied by a suite of resources to help you teach it to your class including lyric sheets, a score, sing-along videos and chord sheet.


Write a Winter Song with your KS2 class – by David Garcia

Wiltshire-based music practitioner David Garcia has created 8 videos that you can watch with your class to take you through all the steps to create your own winter-themed song. The videos include tasks for creating lyrics, structuring your song, adding sound effects, creating melodies and backing music. Designed to be used by both specialists and non-specialists this comprehensive resource will have your class song-writing in no time!

Winter Songwriting for Secondary Schools – by Tim Gilvin

Award-winning composer Tim Gilvin from Bradford on Avon has created a suite of resources for secondary school music teachers to use with their pupils. These clever slides will take your pupils through all the steps to writing their own winter songs.