Subsidy for tuition fees for academic year 21-22

We want to make sure that learners from more challenging backgrounds can have sustained opportunities to learn about and experience music. 

Schools and learners can only access our subsidies and instrument hire if they are using Associates

We offer the following support from school based tuition:

  • 100% for Looked after by Wiltshire Council children – 1 instrument initially
  • 70% reduction for Pupil Premium and FSM
  • 70% reduction for SEN/disabilities
  • 40% reduction for those unlikely to take up lessons due to economic or social circumstances – at school’s discretion

  • Subsidies are based on either an individual 15 minute lesson, a shared 20 minute or a shared 30 minute lesson.
  • They’re available when one of our Associates is providing the tuition and they are being paid the equivalent of £28.93 – £39.64 p/h. This is not to include a school’s admin fee, if there is one.
  • We suggest that Associates should be paid the equivalent of £34.55 – £39.57 p/h for Instrumental and Vocal tuition.
  • Subsidy requests need to come from schools and subsidy payments can only be made to schools.
  • Requests cannot be retrospective – amendments may be accepted where exact numbers could not be clarified when making the request.
  • Sessions are not to be compressed or doubled up and we expect the spread to happen over a full academic year e.g. 1 session a week.
  • We do not require proof of a pupils SEND – no EHCP is required.
  • To claim subsidies, schools need to supply numbers (not names) of pupils in each category.
  • A pupil can only be supported to learn with ONE Associate Tutor per academic year, and NOT with a number of tutors in the same or different schools. Should the pupil be learning with a few Associate tutors in the same school, the school must coordinate with the pupil, parent/s and Associate on how the funds will be used.
  • All requests must be made using the online form.

IMPORTANT: Additional Covid 19 conditions.

  • If we agree to subsidise your pupils’ tuition, then we expect your school to have plans for and agreements with our Associates to teach pupils online as a backup should further lockdowns / or partial school closures be required. If this is not possible for any reason, you must tell us.
  • If for some reason subsidised tuition has to be postponed or cancelled (due to COVID restrictions) and cannot be delivered online, rescheduled / caught up with, we may require that the school(s) return the appropriate portion of that subsidy to us and will suggest that they consider paying the Associate the balance.