My Music Progression Plan

Our new ‘My Music Progression Plan’ (MPP) provides a simple written framework to support the progression of the pupil/child in their musical practice.

It’s for schools, pupils & parents/carers, and Associate tutors & music leaders to work together towards that common goal.

We’ve developed this from our work with Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) and their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) model. Over the past year or so its use in 4 of our schools as part of the AYM ‘Furthering Talent’ scheme, has supported young musicians to thrive, develop and progress.

As  our work with AYM draws to a close, we’ve adapted the model to better suit our collective way of working in Wiltshire.

What does the MPP support?

Whilst we recognise it may not be a model for all learners, our MPP gives a unique opportunity to review the whole child and capture wider outcomes, not just their weekly lesson progress.

The MPP is pupil focused, promotes inclusive practice and non-linear ways of learning. It provides space for:

  • Personal practical targets
  • Celebrates success
  • Provides prompts for motivation and perhaps most importantly…
  • Aids communication between School, Pupil/Parent/Carer and Tutor/Music Leader

We believe that use of the MPP could become integrated into Schools’ and Associates’ existing practice enabling the bigger picture and a deeper understanding for all.

Who might an MPP help?

Any child taking instrumental, vocal, music tech or songwriting / composition lessons in primary, secondary or special schools with one of our Associates. Schools and or Tutors may choose to target individuals or offer it to all.

Below are some examples of how the MPP could be used if not applying it as general practice across the whole school:

  • To motivate particularly gifted or talented pupils
  • To support a pupil who has become stuck in their practice
  • For a particular year group eg. GCSE and A-level students.
  • For pupils for whom music offers a lifeline and may struggle with other subjects

When can I use the MPP model?

We plan to encourage use of the MPP’s from the start of academic year 22-23 and will be providing some initial introductory sessions for schools and Associates between April and July.

Between now and then, we’re working with a small number of Associates and Schools who have offered to be ‘early adopters’ of the model over the coming months and will be prepared to share their experiences with their peers through our networks.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team about engaging with the MPP please send us an email

Awards for Young Musicians

We're grateful to Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) for their support over the last 2 years which has led to the development of this MPP

AYM website