First Access

First Access is about providing whole classes or class groups with a formative opportunity to experience and enjoy music making.

This should generally be offered by the end of Key Stage 2 – it’s also referred to as Wider Opportunities or Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET).

First Access usually involves beginning to play an instrument and can be an excellent springboard for further musical development.

Over time we aim to ensure that all Wiltshire Schools can offer every child a First Access experience at no cost to their family.

First Access should be additional to curriculum provision but will overlap and can be linked to wider school agendas and topics.

It’s about making, playing and enjoying music; not just hearing others play it or being told about it.

The outcomes we want to see achieved by First Access are:

  • Pupils experiencing a high quality and inspiring music making experience which includes beginning / learning to play an instrument.
  • Pupils offered provision regardless of social, economic or cultural background.
  • Pupils being enabled to make choices about continuing with music.
  • School staff increase their musical skills and support children’s musical learning.

Our support for First Access includes access to resources / instruments, training and subsidies towards tuition.



Isolated school or finding it difficult to get a tutor in?

... then, the Hit It project can support your school with a mix of live and recorded Djembe lessons broadcast from the Wiltshire Music Centre into your classroom.

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