Financial support

If you need help with the cost of tuition or access to an instrument…

Instrumental or Vocal Tuition taking place in school

We may be able to help, provided the school submits a request to us and is using an Associate provider.

The levels of support we can offer are:

  • 100% for Looked after children
  • 70% reduction for PP and FSM
  • 70% reduction for SEN/disabilities
  • 40% reduction for those unlikely to take up lessons due to economic or social circumstances – at school’s discretion

Some schools may use their own funds to top up our subsidy.

You can also get a reduction in instrument hire.

To see costs with subsidy, use our calculator here:

Tuition taking place out of school

If your child needs support for tuition and it isn’t available at school, please contact us

We subsidise places with the following organisations who provide tuition outside school hours. The levels of support are different to those for schools.

Subsidies for clubs / groups and ensembles

For young musicians ready to progress beyond school or home tuition activities,

We subsidise the work of the following organisations through annual grants –  these include amounts of money for supporting those in need of help with the costs. They can often help with an instrument too.

Other possibilities

Please see our other page on sources of support.