At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic we started collating useful music resources for schools and families. Now we are in our third period of lockdown we have updated and re-organised the links on this page to make it more navigable.

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Rhinegold – Resources for at-home music learning – click here

BBC Bitesizeclick here

ABRSM 100 Classical – listening and challenge activities. Need to create a free account – click here

Classic FM David Walliams Marvellous Musical Podcasts – Click here


BBC House of Sound – music & science – click here

BBC Ten Pieces Key Stage 2 – click here

Maths Rockx – Times tables songs – click here

Chrome Music Lab – free experimental music making – click here

BBC Bring the Noise – creating music with found sounds – click here

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group – creating music at home resources – click here

Associate Kate Courage – free weekly singing videos – click here

Song-writing and Composition

BBC Bring the Noise – How to write a song with your children – click here

Our own Wiltshire Music Connect song-writing page – click here

Music Technology

Garageband – music creation studio, download for iPad / Mac – click here

Launchpad – an app for making and remixing electronic music – click here

10 of the best Music Apps for kids – click here

Children & young people with SEND

The Soundabout Inclusive Wiltshire Youth Choir meets online at first – then gradually in person when the time is right – every 2 weeks on Sunday afternoons – sign up here

English National Opera – YouTube workshops with Bradley Travis – click here

Early Years

BBC Bring the Noise – free music resources – click here

Musical Dots – Big songs for little people – click here

First Notes – a music resource app – click here

Disclaimer – These links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Wiltshire Music Connect. While we have tried to ensure that we only provide links to reputable sources, Wiltshire Music Connect bears no responsibility for the content on these external sites.

We recommend that, for safeguarding purposes, parents / carers / school staff should check that content on external sites is appropriate before using it with children and are particularly cautious where any registration, sign-ups, in-app purchases or online interaction between young people could take place.

Resources for young composers and song writers

Have a look at our list of online platforms, apps and resources to help children and young people with their creative music making, including top tips for recording music at home with no budget!

Creative songwriting and composing