Clubs, Groups and Ensembles

If you’ve been playing an instrument, singing, making music or programming beats then you may want to try doing it with others

Playing and making music with others is great because:

  • Its a logical extension to and tuition or learning you might be doing at home or school
  • Its fun and sociable 
  • It can help develop wider transferable skills such as group work, listening and  problem solving

Joining a Club or Group doesn’t mean you cant carry on having lessons and if you’re worried about the cost, help may be available, see below.

We encourage and expect all of our Associates to be able to tell (or find out for) you about other things you might want to do or try to extend your musical experience.

For Schools, onward referral to additional opportunities for pupils is an important element of school music planning –  enabling  young musicians to expand their horizons and experiences which they will bring back into school life.

How to find who provides clubs, groups and ensembles

  1. Try this ‘search’ on our Directory here and browse through the providers and organisations  you can click on the listing and see more detail
  2. If you find something you’re interested in you can contact them using the contact details they provide.
  4. If you want to contact a few then it might be a good idea to write up a few sentences about what you’re interested in and where you are – you can paste it into each message you send and it may help get a clear response.

Not everyone will have something suitable for you in a place or at a time that will work

You may also want to try some other searches

In the options down the left hand side, under Teaching Models, search for different providers separately under the following ‘categories’ (if you select them all you will only find providers that do them ALL):

        • Large group / ensemble tuition
        • Small / medium Group Tuition or
        • Any of the other Teaching Models

Also try browsing our Whats On page

Worried about cost?

We know that the cost of joining a club. group or ensemble may be something that some households can’t manage – we and our Associates will help where we can.

Many of our Associates offer reduced prices for those who might otherwise miss out. Where we are funding an activity we require that provision be made for reduced prices for some people.

Please don’t be scared to ask for help if you need it – we’d much rather you asked than missed out on an opportunity. If an Associate can’t help, then please contact us.

Check out Soundabout's Inclusive Choir for Wiltshire Youth

The Soundabout Inclusive Choir for Wiltshire Youth is run in partnership with Wiltshire Music Connect, and welcomes people aged 18 years and under, and their families. Here's a news article from Summer 2023

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