Support for First Access

Schools can choose from a growing range of support:

If you’re interested in more than one of these, please contact us for advice as our resources are limited

iPads for First Access

Do you have Ipads in your school?  Perhaps you have access to iPads, but you’re not sure how to use them. Or, you’ve been using your iPads in school, but want to know how you could use them more effectively. Or, you know how to use them but can’t do something on them in improve the experience for your pupils. Sound familiar? Well, we’re here to help. Simply book in a surgery slot and one of the team will be in touch to support you. Easy.

We have some sets of iPads all set up for music making – we can make these available to some schools for limited periods of time. To check the availability of the iPad sets click here.

First Access in a Box

This scheme, based around a set of Ocarinas, some resources and an introductory session, supports members of school staff to deliver a programme of First Access within their school.

It minimises the amount your school will need to invest in providing your pupils with a First Access experience and has the potential to make it easier for a school to offer it to more pupils over an extended period.

For schools that either: do not yet offer First Access OR want to increase the number of pupils who can have First Access, we can offer this package (value approx. £300) for £100.

Subsidy for e-learning platforms

For schools that either: do not yet offer First Access OR want to increase the number of pupils who can have First Access.

We can offer subsidy of up to 40% of the cost for e-learning platforms such as Charanga or Sound Trap that can be used to deliver First Access

This is  a limited offer so if you’re interested, please…


Hit It Project:

If your school is isolated and / or you find it difficult to find an Associate to deliver First Access sessions, the Hit It Project can support your school.

A mix of live and recorded Djembe lessons broadcast from the Wiltshire Music Centre into your classroom.

To find out more watch the prerecorded promo here

You can request normal First Access subsidy (inc Early Bird)  for Hit It. – see below

Subsidy for First Access tuition 

We can subsidise First Access tuition where it is delivered by one of our Associate tutors and / or a designated member of your school’s staff. We encourage schools to think about how incoming expertise can be linked to wider agendas such as literacy & numeracy.

We suggest that Associates should be paid the equivalent of £42.77 per hour for First Access work.

For academic year 2020-21 the amount of subsidy we can offer depends on Y3 intake:

  • Up to 30 pupils – £5.34 per session
  • 31-60 pupils     – £8.01 per session
  • 61+ pupils        – £10.69 per session

Early Bird Offer – subsidy increases by £2.50 per session if applied for before Monday 8 June 2020.

We have a limited budget for First Access subsidy.  To ensure your school receives subsidy please apply as soon as possible.

Before requesting support, please read the following:

To request subsidy for the remaining part of academic year 19-20 please email us
Schools can request subsidy for pupils’ instrumental and vocal tuition as well as for whole class First Access provision – the processes for requesting it are different.

Access to First Access instrument sets

We can also provide access to some instrument sets for Primary Schools to use at subsidised rates.

Instrument Sets can be hired by Schools working with Associate tutors delivering First Access. These can be requested when applying for subsidy and the cost for academic year 2020-21 starts at £188.50 (+VAT) per LA school year (subject to availability). Instruments from First Access sets cannot be taken home by pupils.

Schools delivering their own First Access work can request sets to hire (priority may be given to those using Associates). You need to use the same request form as that used for subsidies and provide details of anticipated numbers of pupils, year groups and duration. Again its important to note that instruments from First Access sets cannot be taken home by pupils.

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