Safeguarding (Associates)

Teaching and leading music with children and young people is a regulated activity, and the welfare of children & young people is very important to us – safeguarding is everyone’s business.  

It is our responsibility as adults working in positions of trust to notice when something might be wrong – to be aware of indicators of neglect and abuse – and what actions to take.  All concerns about children and young people must be reported. If you are not sure whether you should be concerned or not – this IS a concern and should be reported. 

We have produced a downloadable flowchart for Associates which is intended as a brief guide only: 

For more detailed information refer to or   Wiltshire Council’s information about Child Protection and the Integrated Front Door Service 


Our Safeguarding Expectations

Wiltshire Music Connect carries out a range of checks for all Associate applicants which includes:

  • Personal ID and address
  • Prohibition from Teaching checks (where applicable)
  • DBS checks for individuals
  • Written references
  • Right to work in the UK
  • Letters of assurance regarding safeguarding policy and procedures for organisations

All Wiltshire Music Connect Associates are expected to ensure their knowledge and understanding of safeguarding – across all the contexts they work in – is up to date.  We advise all Associates to be aware of Working Together and how it may relate to their work. Wiltshire Music Connect seeks advice and guidance from Wiltshire Council Safeguarding Effectiveness team to ensure that Associates who work specifically in Wiltshire schools have access to the information they need.

More about Associate quality assurance here Why Associates 

As well as the checks we carry out at application stage we also require all Associates to sign up to our Associate Terms & Conditions and to declare that they have read and understood Part 1 and Annex B of the latest version of Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE).

This is an annual requirement and for academic year 2023-24 we require Associates to do this by 30 October 2023.

Individual Associates:
In addition, we require all individual Associates to prove they have successfully completed a Level 1 (or equivalent) or higher Safeguarding Children and Young People training course at least every three years. An annual refresher course is now also a requirement. Individual Associates are required to make a declaration about this in their application and will be asked to provide certification / evidence of completion.

Associates can choose to access an Online Safeguarding Training course, free of charge, through Wiltshire Music Connect but there is no obligation to do this. You may have access to Safeguarding Training through your membership or professional association with other organisations, or you may be offered Safeguarding Training through a school you are working with. Please contact us to check whether alternative training courses meet our requirements – the easiest way is to send us your certificate.

However, please note that even if you choose to complete your Safeguarding Training with another provider / organisation, you are still required to sign up to our Associate Terms and Conditions and make the KCSiE declaration mentioned above.

Associate Organisations:
Associate Organisations will be asked to provide assurance that all relevant employees / contractors / members / volunteers (i.e. those involved directly in working with children and young people) have successfully completed appropriate Safeguarding Training.