Associate Membership Terms and Conditions

Associate Terms and Conditions of membership 

Associates are not employees or contractors of Wiltshire Music Connect – and Wiltshire Music Connect is not an agency or supplier.  

We maintain the Associate scheme in order to help quality assure Associates’ work, facilitate ways to connect them to schools and other organisations in where children and young people can access music opportunities, progression, performance and education, offer CPD, and access to a range of other resources.  

Our Associate scheme consists of highly valued, quality assured music providers – individuals and organisations with diverse and wide ranging skills and expertise. 

Our agreement with Associates is framed in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, support – and making things happen.

As well as the high quality of provision for young people expected by all our stakeholders, these T&Cs are aligned to our strategies, must adhere to the of funding we receive and to regulatory frameworks, particularly those relating to schools where the majority of our collective work takes place or to which it is connected. Each year we update a letter for schools outlining the position with Associates and lines of responsibility. These measures and requirements are in place in order to help you to be compliant in the settings in which you’re working, not because we want to make things difficult for you.

The Associate Terms and Conditions of membership is now in a combined version for individuals and organisations. It includes a Code of Conduct and clearly lays out the benefits and expectations of membership. It was first introduced in September 2022, becoming compulsory for all Associates from September 2023.