Schools – showcasing of musical opportunities

CALL TO ACTION – We encourage all schools to start talking to their music tutors (Associate or not) NOW about timetabling the showcasing of musical opportunities for pupils during terms 5 & 6 with a view to seeing more pupils taking up tuition for academic year 21-22.

This can be possible whether schools are fully open or not.

This current academic year, we estimate that  900-1200 fewer school pupils (approx. 25%) have received instrumental / vocal tuition from our Associates than during academic year 19-20. Bearing in mind the established importance of Music to Wiltshire children’s well-being, that should be of concern to schools as should its impact on the incomes of approx. 90 freelancers / small businesses.

One of the key factors which has affected this was the break in the usual cycle of tutor and music leaders being able to recruit new pupils in terms 5 & 6, often by providing showcases of various sorts in schools.

With advice from our new Expert Group for Progression and other colleagues, we’ve developed a plan and a set of resources which will mitigate against this gap in opportunity arising again

Where possible we will highlight and share schools’ plans and responses so others can benefit from solutions they’ve found.

We also encourage schools and Associates to:

  • Consider providing reduced price or even free taster sessions to those pupils interested as a potential bridge between the showcasing / inspiration and actually starting lessons (face to face or virtual).
  • Consider the potential for some online sessions / tuition between June and September if it is likely to sustain interest and lead to longer term engagement.
  • Secondary Schools and Associates may also wish to consider running introductory First Access programmes across part of the next academic year

We hope to support new pupils who may wish to start as soon as term 6 this academic year but will need to know school, instrument and for those in eligible ‘categories’, any tuition subsidy requirements) by 12 noon on Friday 21 May at the very latest.We cannot, at this stage, 100% guarantee that we will be able to deliver a suitable instrument to the school / pupil at start of term 6

What we will do

By the start of term 5 (Mon 19 April) we will:

  1. Provide a template Powerpoint presentation for schools to use as a basis for the showcasing as they see fit
    • into which they can easily insert videos from the Associates they use. Associates will be offered guidance / resources to help them make the films from start of Easter holidays.
    • where they can adapt “what to do if you’re interested” and ”how” info as appropriate to their school and what they agree with Associates
    • Includes standard info about Subsidy, Instrument hire, Safeguarding
    • Guidance on how to use the template and, if needed, turn it into a short film based presentation
  1. Clarify the processes for requesting tuition subsidies (for those in eligible ‘categories’) and instruments for new starters in term 6 and a way of fast-tracking those requests.
  2. Revamp / refresh of resources in our #Don’t Drop Music campaign toolkit