Cultural Education Partnership (CEP)

Wiltshire Music Connect is proud to be one of the executive partners in the Wiltshire and Swindon Cultural education Partnership

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The Wiltshire and Swindon Cultural Education Partnership (W&SCEP) aims to improve educational, cultural and social outcomes for children and young people through broadening effective interaction between Cultural Organisations (including libraries, arts and heritage) and Schools, in places where it is most needed. It is a response to the Cultural Education Challenge set by Arts Council England.

When the Cultural Education Challenge was launched, hundreds of organisations and individuals from the region gathered to develop a plan.  In 2017 the executive partners emerged to deliver the plan. These are:

Six school leaders, representing both primary and secondary levels, have been recruited as Cultural Champions to develop this relationship. As key stakeholders in the partnership they are advising on and supporting solutions to the cultural provision challenges that schools face. They are also actively encouraging innovation and collaboration between cultural providers and schools and participating in developing the W&SCEP’s future action plans and key regional priorities.

The W&SCEP is embarking on the next phase of development to achieve the following outcomes:

  • More schools engaging in cultural activity
  • Legacy of skills, understanding and capacity within schools to continue engagement in longer term Capacity within cult orgs to meet schools and pupils needs
  • Schools enabled to make more informed choices about which cult providers to engage with and on what basis
  • Improved understanding interaction between providers and schools

During 2019 and 2020, the W&SCEP will develop a number of initiatives to enhance cultural education. It will engage with more Cultural Champions with special areas of interest and will provide opportunities for schools to engage in innovative education activity that promotes health and wellbeing.  Cultural education providers will take part in training that will encourage arts award engagement; support inclusion and work more effectively with SEN/D and deaf children and young people.  Additional resources and professional development opportunities for all those involved in cultural education will be developed including case studies and conferences.  W&SCEP will be exploring the longer term impact as a central hub for cultural education and its sustainability through a partnership membership model.



WSCEP Open Fund

In 2019 and 2020 the Wiltshire and Swindon Cultural Education Partnership awarded funding to schools through an Open Fund designed to support innovative cultural education activity for children and young people.

In Round 1 funding was awarded to 5 school projects.
In Round 2 funding was awarded to a further 11 school projects.

The WSCEP Open Fund is now closed. We will share learning from the funded projects in due course.

Find out about the funded projects here.