We support and promote opportunities for all children and young people sing regularly – in school, out of school, in choirs and groups, at workshops and festivals and in a wide range of styles!

NEW for 2019: Project One Dot – singing and composition CPD programme for primary school teachers (registration closes 10th Dec)

This is a fantastic free CPD offer for Wiltshire

Session 1: Friday 25th January 2019 9.30am – 12.130pm  (funding for teaching cover available for first 6 schools)
Introduction: Learning the songs and warm ups, what does “OK” and “better” look like?
Session 2: Friday 1st March 4pm-5.30pm 2019
Listening and appraising
Session 3: Friday 26th April 4pm-5.30pm 2019
How to write lyrics
Session 4: Friday 7th June 4pm-5.30pm 2019 How to write music – a line is a dot that went for a walk… a tune is a note that went for a walk

Summer Sharing event Friday 5th July 10am-11.30am (funding for teaching cover available for first 6 schools)

Download Project One Dot full information

register here now if you’d like to take part

More information about our support for singing:

  • A singing repertoire bursary fund to help schools and teachers access the best resources, songs and singing activities

  • A project fund, to encourage start-up and development of choirs and singing projects

  • Free CPD events and a CPD Bursary to help singing leaders develop their skills

  • 100% Bursary scheme for the Certificate for Music Educators (CME) with Wren Music (current places for 2017/18 study have been filled)

  • Please get in touch with us if you are interested in a Singing Leader visit for your school – for INSET sessions or to work with your pupils

  • Please get in touch  with us if you are a singing / choir leader in Wiltshire and interested in joining us as an Associate

  • WILTSHIRE VOICES is a new county choirs projects for 12-18 year olds managed by Pound Arts. Launched in October 2018 the choir meets on Mondays in Corsham and Trowbridge, and Tuesdays in Salisbury and Burbage. contact for information about how to join.

    We know that singing is important for very young children – it helps make sense of the world, and supports phonics and literacy development.

    Older young people tell us singing makes them feel good. Singing can have the same effect as physical exercise – it releases endorphins, making you feel good, reducing stress, getting more oxygen into the blood, for better circulation and a good mood!

    Singing can improve pupils’ learning, confidence, health and social development – and it has the power change lives and build stronger communities

    Darren Henley, National Plan for Music Education

    We work with schools, singing teachers, project managers, and partner organisations to encourage and promote singing across the county – from rap to opera, and from nursery rhymes to beatboxing.

    Our county strategy for Wiltshire includes encouraging all schools to have regular singing – in choirs, assemblies and across the wider curriculum, and getting more boys singing at secondary school age.




Friday Afternoons FREE Song Bank and resources

The Song Bank houses all of the Friday Afternoons songs alongside the many resources available. Log In or Register to access these. Please note, the Level indicator is a guideline – if you aren’t sure which songs to sing with your group, simply get in touch with Friday Afternoons.

The resources available in the Song Bank can also be used to help you deliver Arts Award. Visit the Friday Afternoons Arts Award page to find out more and receive an exclusive Friday Afternoons discount.

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