Careers links

As suggested in our Careers leaflet, you can use the links below for further information

Discover – Creative Careers
A great range of info about careers in Music, Arts, Media etc

UK Music
Careers Information Pack

Musicians Union 
Careers Advice

VoiceMag – magazine and platform for young creatives covering arts, culture, politics and technology

Earn while you learn! From music business skills to live events and promotion.
Find an apprenticeship
Find out more

Vocational training
Study at college/university/an independent organisation, and also get work experience. Examples include:
UK Music’s Music Academic Partnerships
Access Creative College, Bristol
dBS Music Bristol

Online business/marketing training for musicians
Online training is available from a range of organisations, from established colleges, to independent businesses. Examples include:
Berklee College of Music
Cyber PR
Smart Band Management

Music teaching, community music, youth music
Musicians Union – get advice and information about working as a musician
ISM – find out about careers and funding
Youth Music Network – read resources about working with young people
Sound Sense – find out about community music
British Association for Music Therapy – find out about music therapy

Cracking Ideas – this holds a wealth of information on all aspects of Intellectual Property (IP)