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UK Music
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Musicians Union
Careers Advice

Creative careers & training information

Earn while you learn! From music business skills to live events and promotion.
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Vocational training
Study at college/university/an independent organisation, and also get work experience. Examples include:
UK Music’s Music Academic Partnerships
Access Creative College, Bristol
dBS Music Bristol

Online business/marketing training for musicians
Online training is available from a range of organisations, from established colleges, to independent businesses. Examples include:
Berklee College of Music
Cyper PR/Ariel Hyatt
Smart Band Management

Music teaching, community music, youth music
Musicians Union – get advice and information about working as a musician
ISM – find out about careers and funding
Youth Music Network – read resources about working with young people
Sound Sense – find out about community music
British Association for Music Therapy – find out about music therapy

Music Industry Careers Leaflet

Download our leaflet for information on careers in the music industry

Music Industry Careers Leaflet