Why Music ?

Why music matters

What if …

  • What is every child had access to music education from birtha large number of scientific studies had found that there was one activity that could improve our cognitive function, help our memory systems to work, help us to learn language, help us to moderate our emotional states, help us to solve complex problems and help our brains to be healthier into later life?
  • … that activity, while beneficial if undertaken at any time during our lives, was actually found by scientists to be most beneficial if it was undertaken before the age of seven?

 What if … that activity is music?

Dr Anita Collins, academic, researcher and music education advocate.

At a glance

How playing an instrument benefits your brainMost people know that music is a ‘good thing’. Research proves again and again that it is so important to children and young people’s lives and futures.

Why? Because music education …

  • increases confidence and self-esteem – which has a knock-on effect in all areas of their life and learning
  • improves health and wellbeing – reducing stress, increasing a sense of wellbeing and happiness
  • provides important life and social skills – such as listening, concentration, working as a team
  • develops creativity and self-expression – helping young people to think differently and develop their power of imagination
  • improves cognition, literacy and numeracy  – recent neuroscience research has shown that children who learn an instrument have higher levels of cognitive capacity, specifically in their language acquisition and numerical problem solving skills
  • can be the key to unlocking potential – particularly for young people who are strongly creative, or who struggle to engage with other areas of learning

What you can do: leaflets for schools and parents

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Your child and music at primary school - year 3 Your child and music at transition

Why Music A Level:

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Importance of music - primary schools leaflet   Importance of music - secondaries
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Why Music A Level:

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Whatever your hopes for your child's final years of study at school, A-level music is a wise choice

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