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Any school can …

Pupils and transition

Primaries - importance of music - large



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Stand up for Music

GCSE Choices

A Level Choices


Hubs/music services and schools are currently free to use the copy contained in these leaflets on condition you credit and include hyperlinks/website urls exactly as follows:

“Original copy and concept created by Wiltshire Music Connect ( and stakeholders supported by Anita Holford (copywriting) and Danny Jenkins (design) “

Leaflets written by Anita Holford with input from the Wiltshire Music Connect team and the following stakeholders: Jo Carr, Julia Drake, Nell Farrally, Vayia Malamidou, Roz Osborne, Marie Negus, Kim Rance, John Sandford, John Joy, Adam Varney, Claire Evans, Fran Roach, Nicola McGuire and Emma North.

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