DBS Checks

All those working on music activities with Children and Young People should have an Enhanced DBS check

The check applies to those who are paid  or who volunteer. It should be relevant to your music / teaching / learning work rather than for an unrelated activity such as care for the elderly.

Information about DBS is here. You may also wish to refer to guidance about Disqualification by Association.

  • Organisations applying to be Associates – you need to confirm that your organisation always undertakes DBS check s at the appropriate Level in relation to those you hire / employ and with volunteers. This should apply to those delivering and managing activity and in some cases Trustees / Board members.
  • Individuals applying to be an Associate – you need to indicate whether or not you have Enhanced DBS check in place (and if so what date), and whether not you subscribe to the DBS update service.


  • Please note that as of 1 Jan 2018 we require all new individual Associates to be registered with the Update Service. We’re aiming to ensure that all existing Associates are registered by 1 September 2018.
  • Its well worth the effort – whilst it costs £13 p/a.it can save you time and money in the longer term (see below). When you apply to be an Associate we will ask whether or not there are any DBS related issues of which we need to be aware.
  • If you have been DBS checked but did not subscribe to the Update Service (you have do it within 19 days of the date on your certificate) then you will need to do it again. That’s not our rule.
  • If you teach from home or from someone else’s home or private residence (other than a pupil’s) then you need to make sure that you declared this when you did your DBS check. If not you will need to do one again. You should also be sure your insurance covers you for that setting.
  • If you already have a DBS check in a relevant field of work, then you’ll need to bring the certificate to your interview.


DBS checks do not have to be re-done every three years however if you take a break from work in music education / learning for 3 months or more, regulations (not our rules) will require you to have a new check unless you have subscribed to the Update Service.


Wiltshire Music Connect can undertake DBS checks for individuals. If you need us to do your DBS check for you (cost approx. £65) then you must indicate that when you have your surgery slot and you’ll need to arrange to do the DBS before the closing date.