19th December 2023

Careers Week 2024

Would you like composer, Tim Gilvin, to visit your school?

As part of this year’s Careers Week, we will be able to offer schools the opportunity to have a visit and talk from someone with a career in music. These visits will take the form of an interview with time for a Q&A with your pupils.   

Tim Gilvin is a composer, lyricist and music educator mainly working in musical theatre. He grew up in Swindon, learning to play music in several different groups at Swindon Young Musicians, and he now lives in Bradford on Avon. He has a diverse career, which has included writing musicals that have been performed at West End Live, working with choirs in Wandsworth Prison, and even once working as a musical storyteller at Buckingham Palace! 

If you would like to register interest and get more info more information please do so here.  

Schools can access other Music Careers resources via the website, and a series of short films in which young people from Wiltshire interview music industry professionals – My Career in Music