9th July 2024

Music Inclusion Resources: Cultural Capital

Compiled by Emma Brookes and Julia Falaki

Savage – Social Class in the 21st Century (Guardian review)
Savage talks about an ‘emerging’ cultural capital. He states how this is more diverse, cosmopolitan and multicultural; it is eclectic and egalitarian.

Cultural Learning Alliance
Evidence suggests that the cultural capital passed on through families helps children do better in school.

Musicians Union report 2022 on social mobility.

‘Freedom to Teach’ states that it’s not all doom and gloom. They suggest that pupils already know the cultural value of music and use this as a form of social currency. 

Developing cultural capital in your primary school – Cornerstones – 5 examples of embedding cultural capital into your curriculum:

  1. Know your community well
  2. Teach more than just knowledge
  3. Make time for talking
  4. Embed a variety of cultural experiences
  5. Quality resources

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi: What levelling up means to me – February 2022