Work app for Schools and Associates

In order to aid connections between Wiltshire Schools and our Associates, we have developed a simple online app. that can be used by Associates and Schools on an ongoing basis and will enable the following:

  • Schools to indicate when / where they are looking for particular tutors / input.
  • Allows any Associate giving up work to post details of that work BUT providing a contact within the school*
  • Allow Associates to contact those schools and declare their interest

The app is here and the service is intended to be exclusively for the benefit of Associates and Wiltshire Schools – we ask that you respect that please.

Walkthrough videos have been produced to support the app’s initial use.

  • Schools’ walkthrough is here
  • Associates’ walkthrough can be found here

Schools – if you are approached by tutors enquiring about work you’ve posted please check that they are Associates by going here and searching their name.

*This is because it is ultimately a school’s responsibility to decide who they bring in to teach.