8th March 2022

Wiltshire Primary Music Conference 2022

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Primary Music

This year’s conference takes as its theme Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  Over a series of twilight Zoom webinars, a range of speakers will explore how we can provide all of our children with a truly diverse and equitable music offer, and how music can help to drive forward the inclusion agenda.

Places are free for teachers at Wiltshire Schools.  Book for 1, 2 or more sessions…

Tuesday 29 March, 4.30pm
Identity and Culture in the Musical Classroom
Keynote presentation from Prof. Nathan Holder
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Thursday 31 March, 4.30pm
Curriculum Development – Diversity and representation in Music
Keynote presentation from Jenetta Hurst
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Wednesday 6 April, 4.30pm
Music and the Development of Young Minds
Dr Rebecca Berkley, Associate Professor in Music Education at Reading University, will summarise the research that demonstrates the benefits of music on young people’s development and learning. A case study from Ashton Keynes School will explore how music can be used to support the outcomes of disadvantaged learners.
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Teachers who attend 2 or more sessions will receive a free copy of our Get Going Guide for Music Subject Leadership in Primary Schools.