17th March 2021

Wiltshire Music Connect has withdrawn support to The Sound Emporium, and revoked its Associate Organisation status

If you’re one of the young people who had been receiving subsidised tuition with The Sound Emporium and will be affected by this, we’re really sorry.
Please ask your parent / carer to use our Associate Directory to look for other providers.
  • If you find you need more help, please get your parent/carer to contact Martin Stewart in our team.
  • We will also be contacting the music departments of schools in and around Salisbury attended by pupils we understand to have been subsidised.

Why we have had to make this decision

The Sound Emporium had been one of our Associate Organisations for a number of years and has also been in receipt of grant funding from us with agreed conditions and reporting deadlines. As a publicly funded organisation we are obliged to ensure that we manage, gather and report on the funds we allocate and the impact they have for numbers of young people.

Our grant support to The Sound Emporium in financial year 20-21 was intended to subsidise / reduce the costs of musical tuition for young people who needed some help in order to access this tuition.

We had a very clear agreement with The Sound Emporium about reporting back to us on progress at agreed points in the year – in terms of spending the grant and the numbers of people it was benefitting. Following a number of issues about meeting deadlines for reporting, in November 2020, we informed The Sound Emporium that unless this was properly addressed, we would be unable to continue supporting its work. The Sound Emporium acknowledged this and agreed to the conditions.

We did not received the update report which was due on 8 March 2021. Nor have we received any responses to emails we sent reminding The Sound Emporium about the deadline or chasing it up. More recently we have learned that the person(s) with whom we were dealing at The Sound Emporium are no longer involved with the organisation and didn’t communicate with us before leaving. We do not know and have not been contracted by the people now ‘running’ The Sound Emporium nor do we know the basis on which they have been ‘appointed to do so. We are therefore unable to endorse the organisation’s work as we are unable to satisfy ourselves that they are operating to the standards required by Associate organisations. We’re really disappointed to have to do this but have no choice.

The decision to withdraw financial support and revoke The Sound Emporium’s Associate status was taken on, and is in effect from 16 March 2021.