20th September 2019

What is Cultural Capital?

Schools currently getting to grips with the new Ofsted framework will have noticed the inclusion of references to cultural capital.  But what does Ofsted mean when it uses the term cultural capital?  And how can schools evidence it?

For those of us who have never studied cultural sociology, there’s a really good summary of cultural capital, and discussion of Ofsted’s use of the term, on the Cultural Learning Alliance website:

As the Music Education Hub for Wiltshire we would suggest that any school that takes music seriously is unlocking and building children’s cultural capital.  Most children (and staff for that matter!) can identify a favourite piece of music / band / pop star / or song and can voice their opinions about music when asked. It’s a great starting point and can easily link to a wide range of other arts / culture.

If you have thoughts about music and cultural capital at your school we’d love to hear them. Get in touch by email.