17th May 2018

Secondary School Funding Awards – Spotlight on Kingdown School

Kingdown School in Warminster recently received funding from Wiltshire Music Connect for a Brass Re-access Project.  Emma North, Head of Music and Performing Arts at Kingdown, tells us how they are spending the money:

At Kingdown we have a large number of students who play instruments and have instrumental lessons in school. However, not many of them play a Brass instrument – which is sad because they are great fun to play. Therefore, when the opportunity came up to apply for funding from Wiltshire Music Connect for a new project, we jumped at the chance.

After careful consideration we decided to use Wiltshire Music Connect’s instrumental hire service to hire in some P-Bones (plastic trombones) and commission a First Access brass Associate to create a resource for us for Year 7. The Associate will then teach one of our classes and more importantly teach us as classroom teachers how to teach this instrument. We will then teach then rest of the year group – all 280 of them!

We are also particularly excited to have a local brass group – Horning Glory, come in to perform to all of Year 7. The project itself isn’t starting until June but we hope to see an increase in uptake for brass instruments in the new academic year.