16th July 2018

Secondary School Funding Award – Spotlight on The John of Gaunt School

The John of Gaunt School was absolutely delighted to have been awarded money from Wiltshire Music Connect to run a new project within the music department. Our project is a ukulele project. More and more popular artists are using ukuleles in their music and we wanted to give our students here the opportunity to learn this instrument. In Year 7 all the students are currently learning to play the ukulele in their music lessons. This will continue to be a Term 6 project. This means as they progress in to year 8 they will have the ukulele as an option to use in lessons in future topics for practical work. From September there will be a ukulele orchestra starting which will perform at our different musical events during the year including our Carol Service and Academy Awards.

Music at GCSE level is popular here at The John of Gaunt School. Students within our GCSE classes will also have the opportunity to learn and use the ukulele as part of the performance element of the course which counts as 30% of their final grade.

We hope that our students enjoy experimenting on the ukulele, an instrument that many will have never had a go on before. We are certainly very excited about teaching it! Thank you again to Wiltshire Music Connect for this opportunity for our students.