6th July 2018

Secondary School Funding Award – Spotlight on Bradon Forest

Bradon Forest School in Purton recently received funding from Wiltshire Music Connect for a song writing course.  Amy Fry, Joint Head of Music at Bradon Forest, explains why they chose this topic and what the pupils achieved from the course:

At Bradon Forest we have a large number of students that enjoy performing modern music in and out of the classroom. However, they struggle to write their own songs. Therefore, with the fantastic grant from Wiltshire Connect we decided a song writing course would be great for pupils to develop skills and confidence in composition. We also hoped that this would encourage more students to choose music at Key Stage 4.

Harry and Rebecca from SongCraft are delivering the workshops. There are three sets of courses with 20 pupils taking part in each course over the year, therefore up to 60 pupils will have benefited from taking part. We have already competed one course and the students have all created a song which many will perform in the school concert.

A few weeks ago we took part in a song writing course after school for three weeks. Becky and Harry taught us how to structure a song, chord sequences and how to write unique lyrics which aren’t cringey. By the end of the course we managed to create a successful song which we are proud of. We really enjoyed the course and it made us grow as musicians. We now feel like we have the capability to write our own song for GCSE.
Jazz Painter and Danielle Jackson (Year 9)