Music Progression Bursary

Whilst we’re proud to have supported 7 pupils in 2022 with additional bursary funding to support expanded musical opportunities, we received no applications for our February 2023 deadline. We have not received any feedback from schools as to why.

We have decided therefore that we will not offer the Bursary again. With growing demands on our budgets and time, we cannot justify the scheme.

We’ve found it difficult at times to get schools to feed back on pupils’ progress and this made it difficult for us to provide positive evidence to a private donor who part-funded the bursaries in 2022.

Prior to launching the scheme in 2022 we consulted with stakeholders and followed through by reviewing the scheme using what feedback we got. All of that work and the systems created will be retained should a need and willingness to engage with the scheme resurface in the future.

We still promote and advocate the use of the Music Progression Plan, and will continue to support Associates and teachers with its use in the coming years.

Please email Martin should you need to discuss this further.

The John Rayner Charitable Trust

is kindly supporting some of our new Bursaries

Click here for their site