Risk Assessment

On 3 July 2020 DfE released their guidance on the full reopening of schools which can include music provision.

How this will work will be subject to a school risk assessing it –  decisions about music tuition will be at the discretion of individual headteachers / governors. Many schools will have their own templates in place – but others may ask Associates to be involved in devising a risk assessment so Associates need to think it through ASAP.

Here are some resources to help – the list may grow in the coming days so keep an eye on it but please note the disclaimer at the bottom of this page

Associate Luke Pickett made some adaptions to a Wiltshire Council template and has very kindly agreed to share it here.  Thank you Luke.

Music Mark, of which we are a member, has produced a series of risk assessment templates for different types of activity, and have kindly allowed us to share these with you below. Music Mark will be adding a risk assessment for 1-1 tuition over the coming days and we will post this as soon as it’s available.

Class Singing
Class WCET / Class First Access (blown)
Class WCET / Class First Access (non-blown)
Ensembles small
Instrument Change-overs
PCs / iPads / Tech

Peri tuition

Rock & Pop

Similarly, there is some guidance available from ISM and the MU.

If you use any of these guidance resources it’s important to adapt it for your own work, setting and situation in order to make sure that you and your pupils are as safe as possible.

Please note that the templates and links shared in this communication are intended to support Associates and schools with a process for creating their own risk assessments.  Neither Wiltshire Music Connect (Wiltshire Council) or Luke Pickett can be held liable for any of the content of these documents or interpretation thereof.