Safeguarding Policy

All Associate providers should have their own Safeguarding policy

Associate applicants: we will need to see your safeguarding policy when we interview you, and the interview process includes questions about safeguarding.

Please check our guidance documents and checklists. You can use these to create or update your own policy –  but do make sure your policy reflects the work you do – and the settings you work in. Check back regularly for updates.

COVID 19 – many Associates are now teaching students online. Please read this safeguarding update which was approved by Wiltshire Council on 30.3.20 (revised 7.4.20) and update your own policy for any online teaching:

A safeguarding or child protection policy is a statement that makes it clear what an individual, organisation or group will do to keep children safe. It should include: a statement setting out the organisation’s commitment to protecting all children.

Having a clear and useful policy will protect you and those you work with. It is a vital part of your ‘toolkit’ and one that might affect who hires you. It demonstrates that:

  • You are aware of the issues and any risks that exist around your work
  • That you’ve considered how to minimise those risks and of anything taking place that you or your client(s) don’t want to happen.
  • That you know who you need to discuss these with and / or communicate with and when

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Safeguarding for Music Leaders

If you are interested in attending an informal, workshop style training session on safeguarding and how it applies to your own music teaching / music projects let us know.

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