Draft Your Online Profile

PART B – Draft your online profile


Create your login ‘account’ by entering a user name / email and a password – please make sure you keep a note of these – whilst you can change your contact email at a later date, you cannot change your login email!

Fill out the boxes / fields in the profile

We suggest that with the wordier sections, you do them in word processing software and save them before pasting them in online.

Sites such as Linked In and provide useful guidance on developing a profile such as this info.

Your answers to the questions will all be visible on the public facing part of our web site unless otherwise stated.

You can always SAVE YOUR DRAFT and log back in another time to do more.

Guidance on on each question

Type of Provider – Select the type of provider you are.

Type of Organisationonly if you are an organisation – Select the types that best fit with your organisation.

Also works with – Use this field to list any collaborators, individuals / organisations, groups of which you’re a part such as a tutor co-operative – you can paste in links to their profiles on the Directory (if they have them) or external links.

Organisation name / Your name – this is used for the title of your profile – essential!

Organisation / Contact Name – Not visible to public – just for our reference.

Phone Number – regardless of whether you want it to be publicly visible, we may need it to contact you at some point.

Email Address – The email address by which members of public who browse the directory (and we) should contact you / your organisation. This can be a different email address to the one you use for your login but you’ll need to make a note of which is used for what.

Display Phone Number? – Select this if you want members of public who browse the directory to have the option to contact you by phone (as well as email) when they click your Get In Touch button.

Website Address – if you have one.

Picture or Logo – You can upload a pic or a logo – square ones work best! Don’t feel pressured into uploading a pic you’re not happy with – if you don’t put anything in, the system pops a ’stock’ logo type image in there so you can add your own pic later.

About my / our work – This is where you start selling yourself and its worth spending time getting it right. You need to get a good balance between this and the next box “What I / we help young people achieve”.

Avoid too much repetition and write for the people you want to hire you! Tell your readers what your main skills and specialisms are (even if you’re ticking many more below).

Check how the first few lines look as the providers page initially just shows between 120 and 140 characters (that’s letters AND spaces!)). People wont see everything you’ve written until  they click to see your whole profile. Compare how you feel you come across with others in similar areas of work. Blow your own ‘trumpet’ but don’t be tempted to over-exaggerate!

What I / we help young people achieve – As above. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DO FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE – what do they get out of it – musically, personally, socially and in terms of wider skills. Are you able to articulate the outcomes you achieve for/with young people? Do you have any evidence that back this up? Evaluations? Case studies? Endorsements (see below).

For the following questions, please check the boxes that apply and avoid over-stretching yourself!  Opportunities For Children – Instruments /skills taught, Ages Taught, Teaching Models, Teaching Times, Learning Levels, Qualifications, Grades & Certificates Taught (don’t worry if you don’t offer any).

Where I teach – In which parts of the county do you work / offer activity?

Musical Clusters covered – check the boxes for the musical cluster areas within Wiltshire you cover or could realistically work in.

Previously worked with – List any organisations / groups you’ve previously been involved with –  you can elaborate on this if someone contacts you.

Endorsements – Credible and true endorsements of your work and qualities from people you’ve worked for but not as detailed as a reference. The isn’t about product endorsement (e.g Gibson guitars). We advise you to ask the endorser if it’s OK to quote them.

Special Needs – Do you do any work / have experience of work with young people with special needs? If so please specify. If you don’t, it won’t affect your application.

My / Our Training & Development – you may want to refer to what you’ve said in your application form (Part A Q7 “Tell us how you engage with Professional Development”). How are you topping up your skills and knowledge? Use this box to list Training, networking / sharing tips and solutions with others, research and any other CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activity you’ve undertaken in the last year or so. For Organisations – we suggest you tell us how you support and what you expect from those who deliver on your behalf in terms of CPD.

Memberships / Sign Ups – Not visible to public – just for our reference in terms of your use of professional associations / bodies  – Check the boxes that apply. Your mbership of any or, all or none will not affect your application though we do encourage Associates to use membership bodies. We do not monitor union membership for political reasons or purposes.

Which of the following Wiltshire Music Connect outcomes does your / your organisation’s work contribute? – Not visible to public – just for our reference – Check the boxes that apply. If you’re not sure, then we can check this for you when we approve your profile.

Safeguarding and Insurance and declarations section

Safeguarding Requirements – Not visible to public – just for our reference but crucial to whether we can approve your Associate status.

Please refer to the following guidance pages:

DBS Checks

Insurance – Our website will email you a reminder when your insurance is approaching renewal date and you will need to add a new expiry date to your profile.

Child Protection Training – Our website will remind you when your Child Protection Training is due to be refreshed (every three years) and you will need to update your training date on your profile.

Child protection / safeguarding policy

Confirmation – Not visible to public – just for our use but crucial to whether we can approve your Associate status. Check the boxes to confirm the accuracy of your info. We cannot approve profiles or award Associate status if these 3 boxes are not checked.

TAGS – will help your profile be found on wider internet searches. If you need us to add more, please email us and tell us what you’d like added.

If this document and any other related guidance do not provide you with what you need to know, please email us.