Application process

Application Process – Please use this as a checklist

Application closing dates and interview dates for Associates are as follows:

  • noon on 6 October 2020 with interviews on 17 November 2020
  • noon on 26 April 2021 with interviews on 15 June 2021
  • noon on 4 October 2021 with interviews on 16 November 2021

We do not accept applications on a rolling basis.

1. Read through all the information in this section of the site and decide

  • Which Associate category (or categories) you or your organisation want to be
  • Which closing date (and related interview date) you’re aiming for –  note the surgery dates below

NOTE: Interviews include a practical demonstration of your teaching approach, checking your ID and other documents, plus several questions relating to DBSsafeguarding, child protection and lesson/session planning.

If you become an Associate, you should be aware that we require you to share information and data about your work in Wiltshire through our annual data return.

2. Contact us by email so we can arrange a ‘surgery’ slot for you over the phone – this is now compulsory and the chat is a good way to raise queries.  Its fine to start drafting your application before a surgery slot.

If you are aiming for the:

  • April 2021 closing date, you need to have completed your surgery by 21 April 2021
  • October 2021 closing date, you need to have completed your surgery by 28 September 2021

3. Write your application – there are two parts to this and you’ll need to look at everything on this list in order to complete then:

PART A – Download and complete the Application Form

PART B – Draft your Online Directory Profile which includes declarations about Insurance and Child Protection. Follow the guidance here.

Don’t send us anything until its all complete – we won’t look at applications until the closing dates have passed but you can raise queries in the surgery session or by email

4. Arrange your public liability insurance – unless you already have appropriate cover in place.

5. Decide whether or not you need a DBS check –  If you need us to do you DBS check for you (cost approx. £65) then you must indicate that when you have your surgery slot and you’ll need to arrange to do the DBS before the closing date.

If you already have a DBS check in a relevant field of work, then you’ll need to bring the certificate to your interview.

Please Note

  1. If you teach from home then you need to make sure that you declared this when you did your DBS check. If not, you will need to do one again.
  2. We require all individual Associates to be registered with the Update Service

6. Do your Child protection training

7. Adopt a suitable Child protection / safeguarding policy – unless you already have one.

Once you’ve completed steps 1 -7 you can submit your application by the chosen closing date. You do this by emailing Part A to us – we can access Part B through the back-end of our website.

Please don’t send us anything until you’ve done both parts.

  • We will look at your application once the closing date has passed.
  • If you meet the criteria and your application is complete, you will be invited to attend an interview on one the specified dates (See above).
  • Interviews include a practical demonstration of your ‘work’ and a check of your ID and appropriate documents.
  • We try to inform you of the outcome of your interview within one working week.

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