Instrument Hire Scheme (Assocs)

Our aim is to make instruments accessible to children and young people in a way that supports their participation and progression.

Instruments can be provided to pupils and schools who are receiving tuition from an Associate Provider within a school setting. The scheme is administered by Learning Resources Hub, within Wiltshire Council.

As an Associate Provider you must agree, and adhere, to the terms and conditions of using the Instrument Hire Scheme. This is non-negotiable and deadlines must be adhered to

We listen to feedback provided by Associates Families and Schools over the past year and, working with the scheme’s Steering Group make adjustments where and when we can.

In preparation for academic year 21-22 and in order to boost take-up of tuition we have adjusted the scheme to allow for early starters in June / July 2021 – details for Associates are contained in the guidance document (see link below).

The documents you need can be downloaded from these links:

How to look after… guides