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Wiltshire Music Centre

Type Of Organisation: Venue


Wiltshire Music Centre is a 300 seat purpose built concert hall in Bradford on Avon which promotes over 120 live music events each year, over 30 of these are concerts by young people performing with the musical ensemble groups and schools within the county.

The Centre is home to Wiltshire Young Musicians and the Youth Orchestra and Jazz Orchestra. A comprehensive Creative Learning programme delivers musical education projects and participation opportunities for young people across Wiltshire with over 27,000 user visits every year.

What I / we help young people achieve

We enable thousands of children and young people to take part in music performance and to attend over 80 professional live music performances every year.

Free tickets and heavily subsidised tickets are available for all concerts and there is a special family concert programme aimed at introducing children to musical performance.

Wiltshire Music Centre's musical provision for young people means that they have an opportunity to experience and take part in live music. There is much research indicating the learning, emotional and social benefits to young people of taking part in musical activity.

Opportunities for children & young people

  • To learn to play an instrument and / or develop skills on an instrument
  • To learn to sing
  • To create / write music and / or lyrics
  • To develop recording /production skills
  • To play, perform music with others
  • To learn things about oneself , other subjects or life-skills through musical activity
  • To work with and support other young musicians


  • Term Time
  • After School
  • Weekends
  • School Holidays

Working with special needs

WMC has worked with most of the Special Schools in Wiltshire and Swindon through the Special Schools Festival offering music workshop and performance opportunities for students who rarely get this chance. Having worked with so many learning disabled students through the Special Schools Festival, it became apparent to us that when they leave the Special School environment, they face a bleak prospect – either in care homes or their own home with limited access to the social opportunities of school or access to the music making which they loved. Working collaboratively with the musicians and the young people who had taken part in the Festival, we came up with the idea of ‘Zone Club’ – a club for learning disabled adults to meet up for a day once a month to make music, film and dance with specialised and expert musicians and artists. This would open up further learning opportunities and provide a place for participants to socialise with their peers in a safe and supportive environment. Zone Club has now been running successfully for eight years, working with over 450 learning disabled young people aged between 16 – 25.

Level Taught

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Musical Clusters Covered

  • B-on-A / Corsham


‘I wish I could bottle this. It’s so special’
Headteacher, involved in Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment residency

“Our relationship with Wiltshire Music Centre is very special and is built on a shared desire to bring excellent music to all areas of society. WMC understand totally what we are trying to do and are wonderfully experienced in helping us deliver these projects.” OAE

“We … learnt a huge amount from the opportunity to work with young children and musicians across Wiltshire. It is so important for young people to have this exposure to live classical music and we are proud that our involvement helped to support and encourage this development.” Doric String Quartet

Previously Worked With

We are key partners with the Music Hub and many of the music practitioners across Wiltshire. We also work with many professional artists engaged in musical education work