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I have a Bachelors degree in Education and English from Bath Spa University.

I have worked in Early Years for 16 years, initially as Leader of Hollyhocks Kindergarten during which I gained Early Years Teacher Status.  Since 2014 I have been running my own music kindergarten classes – The Singing Tree.   Therefore, my Early Years musical training has been cross-fertilised with my general EY pedagogical knowledge and skills.

I play piano and flute and have previously taught flute instrumental lessons (to Grade 5).  I have gained my Certificate in Teaching with the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABSRM).  I currently enjoy learning the ukelele and have a passion for singing.

As well as running community music classes for Under 5’s, I run music sessions in Early Years settings and teach musicianship skills and beginners piano on a 1:1 basis from my home in Bradford on Avon.


What I / we help young people achieve

My approach through The Singing Tree classes and my 1:1 work is entirely child – centred and singing, which is the most natural form of music making, is at its heart. The focus is enjoyment and musical learning is fostered through singing games, rhymes and movement. The children have the opportunity to play simple un-tuned percussion instruments. In addition the multi – sensory nature of this approach (classes frequently take place outdoors in good weather) – visual, kinaesthetic and aural, takes into account the various ways children learn.
These activities develop all the basic elements of music:
 Beat
 Rhythm
 Pitch
 Tempo
 Dynamics
 Mood and character
 Form and style
 Listening skills
 Inner hearing ( the ability to hear a piece of music in your head]
 Musical memory
The tools used are relative solfa (do, re, mi) and handsigns as well as rhythm names (ta, titi etc, which the children very quickly pick up with help from Daddy, Mummy and Baby bear). This foundation provides a solid grounding for learning an instrument later, if desired.
Material used is traditional folk music from the UK and abroad, singing games and rhymes and classical music.
In addition to the musical there are more general benefits including Self – confidence, concentration, Physical and mental coordination, Creativity, Creativity, Turn-taking and cooperation, Language skills, Memory, Listening skills

Opportunities for children & young people

  • To learn to sing
  • To play, perform music with others
  • To learn things about oneself , other subjects or life-skills through musical activity
  • To develop their wellbeing

Also Works With

I work independently and run family music classes for Early Years –

The Singing Tree.


  • Term Time
  • After School

Taught Instruments

  • Ukulele
  • Singing / Voice
  • Piano / Keyboard
  • Music Theory

Ages Taught

  • 4 and under
  • 5-6
  • 7-10

Level Taught

  • Beginners

Qualifications, Grades & Certificates Taught

  • Instrument grades

Musical Clusters Covered

  • B-on-A / Corsham


There’s a really good mix of instruments, songs and games, especially when you bring in different instruments we may not have seen before or have access to like the African drums, the stirring xylophones, and everyone has a chance to either have their own or try something out. I like the fact that the songs are folky and not patronising to the children.

Lovely welcoming class suitable for all ages, with songs and activities that don’t give you an annoying ear-worm for days on end! The activities are creative and inventive and Noeline does her best to involve everyone.

Noeline ran brilliant online classes through lockdown which really did keep an essence of sanity in our routine, the ‘Squash and a Squeeze’ week was particularly popular here!   Jo Worsford Feb ’22

Noeline is an outstanding communicator and musician making the classes extremely fun and educational for the children and adults. She is meticulous in her planning and the children love her! My daughter asks to go to music class throughout the week and has developed so much both musically and with her communication as a result of Singing Tree.  Ali Boden Feb ’22 (Freelance violinist, BSO)

Noeline is kind and welcoming, her joy and enthusiasm brightens up every Friday morning and my child and I leave the class feeling upbeat and humming a tune! Kate Thirlaway Feb ’22

“My 2 year old son has been going to Singing Tree for about a year now and it is by far our favourite group. It’s amazing how Noeline makes the group enjoyable and interesting to all ages (including the grown ups!) I love watching my son joining in, having fun and learning about music. The songs are not the run-of-the mill songs that we were used to, but are beautiful and often from different cultures/in different languages. We play different instruments and enjoy lots of different, well thought out props. I think it has really helped improve his confidence. I would very highly recommend it to anyone with babies/toddlers”  Rowena Van Rensburg, Feb ’19

“I have been going to singing tree since my daughter was 7 months old, I was slightly worried she would be too young to understand but she absolutely loves it. Noeline is a fantastic teacher, she shows great enthusiasm and includes every child in the class. Over the last 8 months my daughter has had a go at playing a range of instruments and to my great surprise is amazing at keeping a beat. The songs are fantastic most I have never heard before but are so catchy you find yourself singing them after the class and they are tailored to the season which is great. I highly recommend this group” .  Helen Short Jul,18

My daughter and I absolutely love Singing Tree with Noeline and it has very quickly become our favourite of all the baby groups we have attended over the year. I was worried that my daughter might have been too young for the classes at 6 months, but she has benefitted so much from the sessions and I can see just how much the older children are learning as well.

“Noeline is just wonderful. She is calm, kind and inclusive of all needs and behaviours in the group. She is also incredibly knowledgeable and I have learnt a lot as well!! As soon as my daughter sees Noeline she starts ‘talking’ to her (with her little repertoire of baby sounds!) and her face beams with pleasure. I really like how the beautiful songs we sing are from all around the world; not your average nursery rhymes. The other parents and carers are so sociable and inclusive too. I would love to continue this group until my daughter is 5, but I have to stop due to having to work on a Friday. If my work days change I will be jumping at the chance to join again.
I really cannot express enough as to how much we love this group! Thank you Noeline xx
”  Amy Louise, Mar’18

“We all so look forward to our weekly Singing Tree Mornings. I cannot imagine life without this wonderful group. My boys love it! Its fun, laid back and we are learning all the time without even really being aware of it. We wanted more music in our lives and I am happy to say we found it in the lovely Noeline from Singing Tree 🙂 She has a wonderful way with people, big and small! She has a way of capturing and engaging their attention through musical fun and games. The children are free to feel the music with their whole body through movement and dance. Noeline’s lessons are carefully thought out yet she makes it appear effortless and time just goes by in a beat! She can also be flexible at the same time and sensitive to the children’s interests. No session is ever the same. Thank you Noeline for Singing Tree 🙂

Victoria Delgado –Scott Jan17


My son has genetic condition which means his has some (notable) delays.  Like many mums, I attend various baby groups with him, including ones exclusively for special needs children, but he seems to enjoy the Singing Tree far more than any other.  He laughs and giggles throughout.  He is made to feel welcome by all the other mums and their tots; and especially by Noeline who leads the class.  In fact she goes out of her way to ensure he is not excluded or overlooked during the various (highly stimulating and educational) activities and I cannot be more grateful for that.  As a result, my son has clearly really warmed to her.  We really enjoy the Singing Tree and wholeheartedly recommend Noeline and her class to all other parents and their little ones.

Lisa Suchet  5.8.16



We go to the Singing Tree at St Andrews on Wednesday mornings and really enjoy singing with Noeline. The songs are lovely and very different to usual nursery rhymes we sing at other groups. The fundamentals of music are taught in a really lovely way which means the children are picking up terms like minim and crotchet but in a way they can understand.
A really great group I would whole heartily recommend!


Laura Warner


Thank you for sharing your lovely article. I didn’t realise you’ve only been teaching for a couple of years, I assumed you’d been doing it since your own child was little as your classes run so well.

What we’ve particularly gained by going to your classes is bringing singing more into family life. We listen to your CDs in the car and we have so many songs that cover typical toddler conversations like trains, autumn, high and low. While playing stickle bricks this week Juliette sang “carrots, peas and cabbages” over and over until I supplied the next words to move her on. We’ve bought claves and triangles so the girls can tap along to our singing. Also as an adult I really enjoy singing out loud with others. My busy life as a working Mum means I can’t be in a choir at the moment, so singing tree is lovely for me too.


Fionnuala  5.11.16

I have noticed what an amazing effect coming to the Singing Tree classes has on Jake’s confidence in all aspects of his life. He really enjoys the sessions – which is evident from his participation and also at home – he runs his own ‘singing tree’ sessions with us all at home. I was amazed the other day when he started playing ‘hot cross buns’ on the keyboard – we couldn’t believe it was him!!! I only wish my eldest son Drew could have experienced your amazing classes xx


Love, Kirsty and Jake X  22.3.17


Thank you! He really (Rowan) does love the singing tree, and I feel he has got so much out of it. Thank you for making the sessions so enjoyable and for all the little extra touches that mean we can bring it home (we had you singing on the app at breakfast today!) Lucy 3.5.17


My Training & Development

I am committed to Continually developing my skills and knowledge.

2017:  NYCOS (National Youth Choir of Scotland) Summer school,

2 day Introduction to Dalcroze course & Music and Drama Expo, London

2018: NYCOS (National Youth Choir of Scotland) Summer school; MERYC conference, Bristol

2019:  Music & Drama Expo, London

Jul ’19:  ‘Teaching musicianship through singing & movement’, Nikhil Dally, Surrey

I am near completion of my Colourstrings Kindergarten qualification.

Mar ’20 Makaton in Music teaching

I attend regular short courses run by Wiltshire Music Connect.