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I trained at the Royal Northern College of Music graduating with a GMUS in 1994. During that time I participated in the Junior Strings Project which incorporated the use of Dalcroze Eurythmics and Kodaly in teaching young players.

I have 24 years teaching experience mostly in the private sector for ages 5 to 18. Schools include St Swithun’s Winchester. Daneshill, SWGS, Leehurst Swan, Sherborne House Chandlers Ford, Princes Mead Winchester.

For 13 years I was the 2nd Violin tutor for Hampshire County Youth Orchestra and have now rejoined the team doing some sectional coaching and occasionally take strings rehearsals.

I conduct the Junior Strings Ensemble at The Pilgrims’ School, Winchester, and arrange music to suit their individual levels.

I have a particular interest in Baroque playing and enjoy sharing this with my pupils of all ages.

What I / we help young people achieve

I believe it is vital to give each young musician manageable goals using carefully selected repertoire at each level of development. Offering constant encouragement and ways forward are essential for a happy and fulfilling learning experience.
Giving a pupil the tools and knowledge to work happily on their own is very important. I ensure that my pupils are playing a wide range of repertoire for their level and more importantly, set goals which they know they can reach. Building confidence in reading opens many doors and I believe that little steps lead to big steps. My happiest moments are when my pupils suddenly realise they are becoming self sufficient.

Opportunities for children & young people

  • To learn to play an instrument and / or develop skills on an instrument
  • To play, perform music with others
  • To learn things about oneself , other subjects or life-skills through musical activity
  • To work with and support other young musicians
  • To develop their wellbeing

Also Works With

The Pilgrims’ School, Winchester – Teacher of Strings and Conductor of Junior Strings Ensemble https://www.thepilgrims-school.co.uk/home

Farleigh School, Red Rice, Andover – Teacher of Strings https://www.farleighschool.com/

Avon Valley Academy, Durrington – Teacher of Strings

St Francis School, Pewsey – Teacher of Violin and Viola

Hampshire Music Service – Hub Scholar Tutor and Tutor to Hampshire County Youth Orchestra https://www.hants.gov.uk/educationandlearning/hampshiremusic

Winchester and County Music Festival – Leader of the Festival Orchestra and Orchestra Secretary https://wcmf.org.uk/

Winchester Symphony Orchestra – Violin/Viola/Leader https://winchestersymphonyorchestra.org.uk/

Salisbury Baroque – Violin http://www.salisburybaroque.org.uk/




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Taught Instruments

  • Strings

Ages Taught

  • 5-6
  • 7-10
  • 11-13
  • 14-15
  • 16+

Level Taught

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Tasters

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  • Amesbury


“Thank you for your part in making the Creation Day so special. Your playing just blew me away and gave me such pleasure: the strength and purpose and fire of your leading….but also the subtlety – and you were so responsive to everything I was trying to do. In those situations where any real quality depends on luck and alertness, it means so much to a ocnductor to know that there are a couple of people dotted around who are ready to affect the course of a phrase, change the character of a moment, steady a rocking ship… really it was one of the aspects of the day that gave me the most pleasure, making music with you.” Tom Seligman

“What a great job you do with your string players! They did you proud last night and I loved their performances. Thank you! ” Jeremy Griffith Acting Headmaster Pilgrims’ School

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done this year. I’ve really appreciated your willingness to get stuck in and your doing a great job with your boys, too! They’re lucky to have a teacher show takes such great care and interest in their musical development.” Russell duPlessis DoM Pilgrims’ School

“Thank you as ever for all that you put into your teaching. I know how much effort, zest and imagination it takes to teach as you do – pupils, parents and I all appreciated it!” Russell duPlessis DoM Pilgrims’ School

“Thank you for very much for the best year of violin ever. I have loved every second of it. Completing Grade 5 was amazing!” Max

“Thank you for being a fantastic violin teacher for all the years and for always sticking by my side through the hard times.” Aleksiy

“Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm towards the pupils during your time here, They really appreciated, as do we.” Rob – DoM Leehurst Swan

“Thank you very much for all the years of violin lessons! You’ve helped teach me a skill that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and it has introduced me to a whole new world of music!” Rachel

“Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher these past five years. My weekly violin lessons always gave me something to look forward to on a dreary Monday! Thank you so much once again, you’ve been lovely!” Deeksha

Thank you for being an amazing violin teacher for the lasy 7 years. I have really enjoyed it and you have helped me build my confidence in playing and to play a lot louder! I’m going to miss my Monday morning lessons a lot! Amy

“I wanted to say a big thank you for teaching me for the last five years. I have come on so much! Not only has my playing improved but my general musicianship and confidence. I really do enjoy playing the violin and I am certain I will keep playing it every now and again for my own benefit. Maybe I’ll even find an orchestra I can play in when I’ve got a job and love who knows where, whenever in the future. I have learned so much that I will take it with me wherever I go and whatever I do!” Johanna.

“I want to say a special thank you to you for your part in the festivities on Sunday. Your friendship and musicianship is a treasure to me.” Jean

“As the Elgarian dust settles what can I say to you other than a heartfelt thanks for your courageous leadership of the Festival bands this year under two conductors. Bothe concerts went much more smoothly than I had ever hoped. Both orchestras achieved miracles on their single combined rehearsals and I was well pleased. However, I know how much personal toil you put into preparations and the extra time you devoted to the task. Thank you for being such a patient, loyal and friendly supporter of the Festival.” Derek Beck, Musical Director Winchester and County Music Festival.

“In truth, only your modesty exceeds your talent. You lead these concerts with seemingly effortless ease and joy and all who sit behind you enjoy playing as a result. Thank you so much again and for all your do for us.” John Sargent, Chairman WCMF

“Thanks a lot for all your teaching. I’ll never forget all you have done for me. I couldn’t have had a better start on the violin. I never thought I would get this far whilst standing in the shed, plucking without a bow and avoiding Wipsy Witch seven years ago.” Thomas

“Thank you for being such a lovely teacher over these many years! You have been so supportive, and I have always found my lessons so enjoyable and fun. And thank you for being there to listen to me and being so understanding.” Mary

“Everyone thought the music was beautiful and you all played such lovely pieces. We thought everything you chose was perfect and it really enhanced the atmosphere of our party.” Iona

“Thank you so much for your fantastic tuition and support for Tom over the last 4 years. Do you remember his first few weeks with you? – he arrived with his arm in plaster up to his shoulder. What a challenge that must have presented you! Under your expert guidance he has matured into a really lovely violin player, and it’s without a doubt that you were hugely instrumental in helping him win his music scholarship, Please accept our considerable thanks and appreciation for all you have done.”Sarah and Simon

“Thank you so much for playing in the pit for this production of Oliver! Your playing was outstanding and I love your tone. I hope you’ve enjoyed the week and it was a pleasure to work with you.” Ian MTS

“Thank you so much for teaching me for the past 5 years. I feel like my playing has come such a long way since you started teaching me. Thank you for always being there for me and listening to my little rants, and being a shoulder to cry on when I needed it.” Jasmin

“Many many thanks for all your support and fine teaching of Tom. He really does flourish under your guidance!”Sarah

“Thank you so much for all your help over the past five years – without you there is no way I would have even auditioned for Wiltshire youth, and Grade 8 distinction would have been out of the question! Thank you for listening to me when I was unwell – the support you gave me was invaluable and I couldn’t have done without it! Although I am sorry that I talked so much, therefore I did not learn as much from you as I could! I plan to continue playing in orchestras whilst at university. You never know, I may even find myself a quartet!” Frances

“Thank you for your hard work with Rory this term. He loves his double bass – it is the best thing about school for him at the moment, so a big hit and a big thank you.” Lucie

“The time has flown since Henry’s first lesson with you 8 years ago and you have brought him (sometimes by the scruff of his neck, reluctantly) a long way. We hope he continues to enjoy his violin and music forever – you have certainly given him the best start. Our most sincere thanks.” Gemma

“We wanted to say thank you for giving Amy seven years of satisfying violin lessons – learning to play an instrument is a privilege in any circumstances but Amy’s experience with you has verged on the sublime!” Ruth and Michael.

“This is just a big thank you for being such an integral part of a brilliant year. You have been so much more than a colleague and a friend – you have provided warmth, humour, advice, support, violin lessons and sanity, all of which contributed hugely to the enjoyment of my time at Pilgrims’.” Josh

My Training & Development

Regular observation of colleagues’ teaching/rehearsals

Leading/playing in concerts/marking scores/fixing players/attending committee meetings

Annual and termly department meetings

Newsletters, guidance and literature provided by ISM

Baroque playing workshops/projects

Online masterclasses with Peter Schoeman (LPO) and Robert DeMaine (LA Phil) 2021

Online forum with Roger Argente (RWSMD) 2021

Online Forum with Tim Redmond (International Conductor) 2021

Online forum with Tom Redmond ( DoM Chetham’s School of Music) 2021

Music and dyslexia CPD with Luke Pickett 2021