Singing Repertoire Bursary

As part of our ongoing commitment to schools and music leaders we can offer a limited number of Singing Repertoire Bursaries for Associate Providers and Schools.

Associates and schools can claim back up to 40%* of the cost of buying singing repertoire for children and young people.

This includes sheet music or song books, joining online song bank / support memberships or subscribing to singing  membership subscriptions (annual memberships funded for one year only)

*Up to a maximum of £200

Who can apply?

Any Associate Provider* (individuals and organisations) or any Wiltshire school. (Primary or Secondary). Music Clusters can also collaborate with their own networks to buy singing repertoire and resources.

How does it work?

Once you have identified the repertoire / membership package you want to buy, make your application. If you’d like some ideas see our list of recommendations.

If your application is approved  we’ll confirm your bursary.  If the Singing Repertoire Bursary is oversubscribed we will ask you for more information and priority will go to schools, and to those schools who need to develop new singing activity / choir. You can then go ahead and make your purchase / confirm your subscription, and invoice Music Connect for up to 40% of the purchase price. (up to a maximum of £200. You will need to provide proof of purchase / subscription/ membership.

NOTE – the bursary cannot be allocated retrospectively, i.e. cannot be claimed for something you have already paid for.

Application deadlines

  • 12 noon on Tuesday 7 May 2019
  • 12 noon on Monday 14 October 2019

Click here for application form