Associate Support Fund

The pandemic – related Associate Support Fund is now closed

Applications accepted on a weekly rolling basis, with Monday 12 noon assessments (decisions usually made within 24 hours). The last deadline is 12 noon Monday 14 February 2022

One off grants of up to £300 available to support individual Associates.

This support fund is aimed at supporting individual Associates who are responding and adapting to the continuing challenges of working through the pandemic.
Maximum £300 per applicant. Associates who received awards from this fund in 2020 or 2021 can apply again provided it is clearly for a different solution. However, if demand is high, priority will be given to strong first time applicants. If you are applying for equipment, you need to really clear about its NEED and how it will support and / or extend your work as an Associate.

The simple online application form asks you to tell us what you want to do, what difference it would make to you and your teaching, how much it would cost, and how much you are applying for. (There is no requirement to provide any match funding)

It’s a quick turnaround and simple process with decisions being made on a weekly basis – tell us what you want to do with the money, how it will help and make sure it relates to your music work with children & young people in Wiltshire. We are particularly interested in applications involving collaborations with others, adapting to digital and / or increasing inclusivity.

PLEASE NOTE: This fund could also be used to buy yourself a portable CO2 monitor to help identify when your teaching room / space needs ventilating, which is one of the mitigating actions you can take to reduce aerosol droplets / transmission, which is one of the ways Covid can spread.

Six Associates trialed CO2 monitors for peripatetic teaching at the beginning of autumn term – you can read the short report here. We used Aranet 4 monitors in our trial, but there are a range of monitors on the market, including cheaper versions.

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Feedback so far – Associate Support Fund

The grants were used for a range of things, typically:
• Pieces of equipment to help adapt to new delivery / teaching methods
• Training
• Developing online pupil diaries
• Additional support for pupils heading towards exams
• Providing a virtual concert 

What difference has it made? – Here’s a few examples:

“The grant has had a significant impact. The iPad has also been hugely beneficial now that I am teaching
more in schools. The new music apps and learning tools that I have installed have been greatly enjoyed by my
students and have helped energise my lessons.”

“My communication with parents has improved and emails have reduced with queries about progress and
practice. I have supported 2 other Associates with this and would be happy to support more.”

“I’ve been able to deliver lessons /workshops /CPD sessions online and to take up commission opportunities
to deliver creative music making activities to CYP in new and different ways…”

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