20th December 2018

Teaching Music with Garageband for iPads – BoA

25th March 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Wiltshire Music Centre
Bradford on Avon

Suitable for both absolute beginners and confident music technologists, this course provides a hands-on, practical introduction to the extraordinary potential of the iPad as a tool for creative music-making. You will try out methods that allow KS 2-4 students of all abilities to create exciting, original compositions whilst developing their theoretical knowledge in line with the NC. We will also explore improvisation, group performance (including ‘iPad Bands’), using the iPad as a tool to provide equal access for SEN/D pupils, and assessment strategies. Each delegate will receive a copy of the complete ‘Teaching Music with Garageband for iPad’ textbook, and be fully resourced to take their learning into the classroom.

You Will Leave With…
– A wealth of effective, practical ideas that can be used immediately in the classroom.
– Confidence in your ability to deliver successful music technology projects.
– A full set of resources, including video tutorials, assessment materials and a copy of our ‘Teaching Music with Garageband for iPad‘, is provided for each participant.