21st June 2019

Commissions Awarded for Performances in Schools

We are pleased to announce that we have recently commissioned the following Associate Organisations to deliver a range of high quality music performances for schools in Wiltshire:

  • Wiltshire Music Centre, working in partnership with Prime Theatre, has drawn inspiration from the myth of Narcissus and Echo to develop a multi-arts performance for schools in Warminster, Westbury and Bradford on Avon, which will incorporate music, poetry and drama, tackling key issues of identity, validation and diversity.
  • Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra will present performances in Devizes and Trowbridge from its In at the Deep End ensemble, which is made up of instruments from the bass end of the orchestra. The unusual combination of instruments that make up this ensemble will show schools that you can form an ensemble with any mixture of instruments; it allows schools with an ensemble to see examples of how arrangements of popular music can work on classical instruments.
  • Our Associate Mike Daniels, along with Sian McInally, Julie Payne and Harriet Riley will present classical music from across the ages using strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. The performances in Bradford on Avon & Corsham, and North Wiltshire will promote the work of Wiltshire Music Connect and Associates and be relevant to the National Curriculum for Music providing ideas for further classroom listening activities with legacy with schools.

All of the performances will take place during the academic year 2019-20.