29th January 2018

Changes to our Project Fund

The fund has played an important role in bringing us into closer contact with a range of schools, organisations and individuals who work hard to provide musical activity for children and young people in Wiltshire. It’s also introduced us to providers and new ideas.  Since we launched the fund we’ve developed the criteria and changed the name of the fund to reflect its purpose.

Over the past three years we’ve learned much more about music provision in schools and communities. In order to continue to support music (for the future of Wiltshire C&YP) there is increasing need to invest project funding strategically; where it can make the most difference, where it meets identified needs, and where there is clear alignment with our music education hub roles and responsibilities.

Pressures on our budgets are increasing and as we approach the new financial year we will have less money available to distribute though the project fund. (i.e. approx £20k instead of £40k in financial year 17-18.)

Therefore, the project fund criteria have been tightened, and applications will need to be clearly and measurably contributing to the following:

  • New ways of working and/or structuring provision
  • Contributing significantly to one or more of our core or extension roles
  • Targeting, reaching and engaging the most disadvantaged children and young people
  • Working with Wiltshire Schools

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