What you’ve told us




Music is important to your well being

–  from dealing with stress and emotions, to being a way of making new friends.

You value music as a creative activity and as a way to express yourselves

Those of you who are doing lots of music making outside of school have an appetite to do more.

You want to explore a wider range of ensembles and performance opportunities, and to try new instruments.

You really value having places where the can make music informally with your peers. This includes practice rooms at school, using other rehearsal spaces to play in bands and more opportunities to perform.

The needs and interests of young carers, those with health needs, young people with SEN are no different to other young people.

You have positive things to say about Music in schools although some of you had issues with being taught about genres and instruments which didn’t interest you,

The provision of less formal music making opportunities, and those which focus on rock and pop genres, is patchy.

You feel that there has been less support for young people whose musical interests are outside of western classical music and the school music curriculum,

The greatest barrier to music making you spoke about was financial.

The most common ways you find out about music is from your families, your school teachers and instrumental teachers, and social media.